Sunday, May 31, 2009

Al-Jazeera English to expand coverage in United States

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Al Jazeera English will expand its coverage through showing its 30-minute news program through SF-based Link TV. The article states:

"The move not only gives Al-Jazeera English a foot in the door to the 31 million U.S. homes that Link TV reaches, but it is symbolic of a growing thaw in the post-9/11 feelings toward the Arab and Muslim worlds since President Obama's election, observers say."

For those who are interested, the Chronicle notes that these are channels where one can watch Al Jazeera English news:

"On satellite: Link TV is available on Channel 375 on DirecTV and on Channel 9410 on Dish Network, 7 pm PST daily.

On digital cable: Link TV is available on KRCB, Channel 22, in parts of the Bay Area from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. Monday through Friday." (note; I doubt you all want to watch TV that late.)

This is great news, however I recommend the YouTube version of Al-Jazeera English, which I subscribe to (unfortunately, I should catch up with watching the videos) and updates pretty regularly; I don't watch American telvision that often (I only watch my local TV station, KTVU, which also provides great local coverage), and the scope of Al Jazeera's news coverage is amazing; the journalists are very investigative-like, and its documentaries (ranging from Morrocan street food, Blacks in Suburbia, and most recently, the Arab Street; Beruit (a random video that I just found now) etc.), to kick-ass videos on Israel's injust apartheid treatment on Gaza (see Unemployed Palestinians in Gaza, and AJ's recent coverage of the Israeli blockades on foriegn aid to help the damaged Gaza strip after the Israeli attacks).

In other words, Al-Jazeera covers news and topics American mainstream media barely covers, so it's best to have a different, more international scope of what is going on in the world around us.

Unfortunately, what disgusted me even worse is the comments which I somehow started reading in SFGATE, regarding Al Jazeera English; Most of the comments are ignorant, racist, xenophobic and non-sensical because a lot of people think Al Jazeera will promote radical Isalmofacism; I already mentoned previously that SFGATE commenters are pretty dumb

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