Wednesday, March 4, 2009

SFgate commentors are quite cruel-hearted

I read SFgate somewhat frequently, and it does have a reputation of really, weird commentors on the articles which are posted. 

For example, let me sum up an article, titled: Calif. murder suspect killed after attacking judge.

Basically, a murder suspect accused of killing his girlfriend was in a witness stand during a break in the trial proceedings. His mom had recently testified, but left the courtroom upset. Although the trial was not over, the suspect immediately went up to the judge and attacked him, but a court baliff shot him and the suspect died.

Now, whether or not the suspect is guilty or not, I don't know. But, I was astounded by a lot of the odd, cold-hearted comments made supporting the balliff. Here are some of a few (interestingly enough, SFgate has a rating system of the most/least approved comments) comments

"on the bright side, one less murder we have to support in prison. i hope the judge is okay."

"Right on. Case closed, trial over and bury the s.o.b. I love news like this."

"Excellent, especially for the taxpayers."

"Saves plenty on the incarceration costs, all for the price of a couple of 9mm slugs. California got a bargain."

"yes, this is what you definitely call "swift justice." kudos to the bailiffs for their quick actions. hope the judge fully recovers from any injuries sustained and good luck to the family of the defendant. very unfortunate incident."

Are there a lot of conservatives who post in those comments, or what? While those "Taxpayer" related comments were few, they were one of the most approved in the SFgate comment section by its readers. Crazy. The fact that commenters are calling this situation "swift justice" w/o any say from the suspect begs the question: What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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