Friday, December 4, 2009

YouTube videos inspring me to major in urban studies

While I get some much needed rest before finals studying comes along, I decided to post up a few YouTube videos which inspired me to do city planning / urban studies, based on its crazily interdisciplinary field:

Looking at New York City street culture is just exciting to me. I have a huge interest in maintaining urban street culture.

This heavily really brought me into studying urban agriculture! Despite the fact that globalized food economies seen impossible to turn around, as suggested by a few of my friends, heavily changing our zoning laws to promote mixed-used development and transit-oriented developments and creating local communities relying on local food (see City Slicker Farms or Viet Village Urban Farm) can create a jump-start in urban agriculture!

When I saw this video in the summer, it gave me a chance to really see the social issues (i.e. socio-economic mobility and the psychology/sociology of suburban/city-dwellers!) involved in urban studies. My initial background in urban planning is heavily on urban design and transportation, as well as land use. Inspires me to take City Planning 118AC at Cal: The Urban Community. In addition to the jazz music, which is heavily a part of street culture (and kick-ass arts!), this video made me really interested in the social aspects of urban planning (i.e. interacting with people).

More to come soon!

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