Saturday, May 30, 2009

What I did today;

Since I haven't blogged much recently, a recap on my day (there are going to be a lot of blog posts tonight!):

  • This morning, did the interview for UC Berkeley Alumni Association Leadership Scholarship; I thought I did okay, but man, the interview was challenging!
  • Finished up a picture of a siheyuan (see here), although my drawing doesn't LOOK like represent the traditional "four housing" system the SIheyuan asks for (四合院, with 四 meaning four). 
  • 90% finished up with Part 1 of T'ang Chang'an. Realized I'm not forty-percent finished as I previously mentioned in a preview to my next Anshina's Architecture video.
  • Created a networking-list of civil engineering / architecture majors & people for future use in my email account.
  • Started adding people to my Arroyo Class of 2013 email list on my email account; won't be finished for a long time, since I'll have a big list.
  • Looked up minors in UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design; Minoring in Architecture, Sustainable Design, OR History of Built Environment seem to stand out the most. 

Yikes, I don't think I can do the end of the year video for Class of 2009 like I thought I might~!

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