Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break 09

I normally don't say much about life, but there's so much free time right now that I'm bored (well, except trying to get that 5 in AP Calc so I can likely take Multivariable Calc and Linear Algebra next year in college).

I can't wait to attend UC Berkeley now. The Chancellor's Reception thing was really intimidating though; I pieced together the caliber of people at Cal compared to at my school. At Cal, all the speakers who spoke gave me the impression that everybody has the inherent desire to make a impact, a HUGE one, in society. I wandered around and met random people, freshman applicants and students, and the expectations to be ambitious are huge (I met an aspiring poly sci major who wanted to make a difference in the Phillipines, which does not have a good government, and a current Asian-Am. studies major who really got a lot out of her courses). Nothing wrong with huge ambitions: my ambition and dream is to preserve Asian Architecture, and that's pretty daunting, especially since I know Cal has no Asian Architecture courses (the Asian-Am studies major suggested I should start a DeCal on it, lol). At my high school, that feeling of making a difference in society isn't as apparent, and is limited to like a few group of people.

As of now, I will be heading up to International Night and taking photos, and Cal Day this Saturday is bound to have great action shots. 

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