Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Writing Skills Down for SJSU incoming students

Just a few articles I found of interest today:

More than 50 percent of San José State's incoming students are not prepared to write at the college level. This is pretty sad, according to SJSU's Washington Square Magazine. According to the article, people lack that skill. Now, I can't really picture how they lack it, but the article cites a lack of emphasis toward grammar (i.e. more people go on YouTube than actually reading so that one can be exposed to correct grammar), growing class-sizes (which limits personalized  grammar education) and a growing English Learner population, as main contributing factors of this sad statistic. Fortunately, San Jose State has like a Writing tutoring section where students can get help to improve their grammar. 

The article does point out that communication and writing skills are very essential in getting and advancing in the job market. I can see why, because the work I do involves playing with words to give their intended effects - so the reader and listener can clearly understand what I mean. Unfortunately, I'm not a very concise person in terms of wording anyway. 

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