Saturday, January 31, 2009

Joyce Kwon: Amazing Jazz Vocalist

Joyce Kwon (Facebook, Myspace) is a Senior at Cal who is one hell of a Jazz vocalist. I usually listen to quite a number of jazz, but she performs primarily Brazillian Jazz (this is why she sings a lot in Portuguese). She really knows how to bring the quick melodious rhythm of the language toward the audience, while vocalizing when there are no words to create a feeling like you were in a coffee-shop. Her music is somewhat upbeat and makes me want, like a friend points out, our school to have a jazz choir. 

Some of my favorites from her include Society Red, a song about North Korea (very impromptu-like song, which helps demonstrate the improvized nature of jazz) and É Festa (according to this evening's Brazillian Jazz Live Webcast in Emeryvile, Kwon states the song is about the crazy stuff lovers do when they are in love). Hardboiled Magazine notes that if you like Miles Davis (sort-of ironic, since Miles Davis and Joyce Kwon don't sound that similar, but they're both good!), then Joyce Kwon could be right to you.

For aspring Cal students (I, being one of them. Pray that I get in!), she's supposedly performing at Cal Day. For more information on her, click her homepage

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